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These are very general rules for RRW Tennessee 

Rules for RRW Krawlzone use SORCCA as a guideline

but the main rule is HAVE FUN     That is what this hobby is all about   

Maximum scale points allowed is 45   (1/2 of total )

IN ANY EVENT dig units and 4 wheel steer ARE NOT ALLOWED 


A street legal off road vehicle that you would drive to work or the trail head and outfit like an expedition vehicle such as the Camel Trophy truck D90 rigs

Tire size may not exceed 4.19” tall

No external tire modification is allowed

Tread of the tires cannot extend outside of the wheel wells more than ½ of the tread width,  flairs can be added to reach min. spec

Tires can never extend beyond the bodys bumpers or the rear of any truck bed  (stingers, fairleads, shackles, bolts, are not considered part of a bumper when determining this.

Windshield that fills the entire windshield frame

Full width bumpers required on the front and rear of the vehicle (rear bumper not required o a flatbed   Bumpers are measured from the outsides and must be the width of your windshield

Vehicle must run a full length rail chassis (rail chassis must be as long as the vehicles wheelbase

Vehicles body must be mostly intact  only mild trimming such as flairs and removing a hardtop are allowed

Dovetailing is not allowed  nor is sectioning or narrowing of the body

Gates can be a minimum of 11” wide wo mind your width

 Class 2 

a stock vehicle that has been modified to become a capable trail rated rig and is not necessarily street legal.

A front bumper is required and must be mounted to the vehicles rail chassis and must be wider than the outside of the chassis rails (chassis cross rails do not count as bumpers)

You must run a full rail chassis and the chassis (including bumpers) must be 3” longer than the wheelbase (including a chassis with a truggy rear frame)

Flatbeds that run the full length of the rail chassis are allowed.  Bed must be as wide as the cab the entire length of the bed

Gates can be a minimum of 12” wide so watch your width

Tire size may not exceed  4.75”     WITH A 2.2 MAX RIM SIZE INCLUDING SPARE



an off road vehicle that you would build from the ground up and might see in a TTC/KOH type of competition.

Maximum tire size is 5.75 “ with a 2.2 max rim size including spare

Minimum tire size is 4.80" with a 2.2 max rim size including spare

Bumpers are not required  - but to be counted for points it has to be mounted to the vehicles chassis and wider than the chassis rails

Body must be at least as long as the wheelbase of the vehicle

Gates can be a minimum of 13” wide

Vehicles that do not conform to the Class 1 or 2 criteria will be run in class 3 so that all contestants will be able to compete -  MOA vehicles are allowed to run but may not take the podium  -   WE DO NOT TURN PEOPLE AWAY IF THEY WANT TO ENJOY THE HOBBY   -   

No Wheels larger than 2.2 are allowed in any class and no short course style wheels are allowed  

All functional recovery tools (i.e. strap, pull pal, and sand ladders) must be carried on the rig at all times  NOT in your pocket, around your neck etc.

Winching can only be done off of natural objects (i.e. trees, rocks, etc) other vehicles or stakes supplied by course builder.  Winching off of a person such as shoe or hand is not allowed     No walking of the dog with a winch

Tires should be scale appearing

TIRE BAN LIST:     no paddle tires.  

4 Wheel  steering or dig is not allowed in any class