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1-11-17   It is very exciting that we are coming up on our 3rd Annual Krawlfest at the Market  on Jan 28 2017.    3rd ! ! ! !      And we have grown each year

This year portions of the Krawlzone are being changed,   our good friend and RC enthusiast Keith MacDonald previously built us a McDonalds for the course.   Now he is adding a wonderful motel for the course

John has been busy building an old timers village.  Borrowed a couple building from our Tennessee Krawlzone for the Krawlfest (gallows, courthouse and jail)  and has added a Saloon with Ms Lilys upstairs,  a Community Center/Dance Hall,  a couple of cabins

Jaimie Henry, Patrick Howell, David Peterson, James O'Neill, Jeff Davis have been working on the changes on the Krawlzone including some awesome bridge additions, course changes with all the materials that John had delivered in,  tunnels,  etc.  We think everyone will be pleased with the changes.


it's coming along  -  stay tuned for more   ................................................


Jan 29th     Well,  the 3rd Annual Krawlfest at the market is over.   It was awesome - we had 167 entries (way more than normal)  and the weather cooperated.  It was a great time and we got to see new people and made new friends.   That's great

The RC Community is great.   Everyone coming out and having fun    That's what it is all about.    

Link to pix from the Krawlfest   



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